Quick Facts

WP Web Host was found in 2007 as a part of Exabytes Group. The latter is a well-known leader in web hosting and E-Commerce market in Southeast Asia. The portfolio of the company includes a great variety of services as well as the provision of fundamental communication tools and IT solutions designed to face the ever-growing demands of the users, small business and the whole market. Wp Web Host has a great experience in WordPress hosting sphere and their main priority is to facilitate not only the advanced users but also the beginners through providing a platform for a quick and easy process of building a website. The company owns two Data Servers in Denver (USA) and Singapore.

What Distinguishes the Company 

Wp Web Host is well-known for several issues that make the company distinctive and recognizable. As a customer, you will be provided with automatic backup of your data, email content and features of your hosting on a daily basis. The restore is powered by VaultPress with just one click. At your disposal, there are some restore tools for 100% protection. 

Advanced users can take advantage of tools such as staging environment, Git integration, PHP version selector, FTP access, custom Apache & Nginx setting, automatic updates.

Moreover, the company secures automatically serving all your images and photos from their respective servers along with resizing the images for mobile phones to improve further speeds.

What are your Benefits of Using WP Web Host

As a customer, you can take advantage of several pros of WP Web Host:

  • Fixed Renewal Price – most of the companies in web hosting market use some dubious and untransparent methods to attract customers through declaring too attractive introductory price (while at the same time do not openly reveal that the renewal price would be 3 or 4 times higher). However, WP Web Host offers you a flat renewal price. 
  • Free Domain Forever – you will be provided with a free domain with hosting plans signups on a yearly basis. By the time your hosting stays active under the wings of WP Web Host, you will get support to renew your domain. So, you will get a free domain forever!
  • 100-Day Money-back Guarantee – most of the companies offer a standard 30 or 45-days money-back guarantee but WP Web Hosting offers the longest period of all. It is a riskless purchase after all.


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