About Liquid Web

The company’s main focus is on web and cloud experts. This focus incorporates products, services and customer support. The “small” nearly 300 members crew of the company devote their time in order to provide with possibilities for enhancing your business growth.

The stress of the importance of the human factor in the company is not coincidental. The team of Liquid Web is here to control your servers, to mitigate risk and to enhance overall performance. Technical and customer support are just nothing but excellent. Liquid Web was founded in 1997 and current headquarters lie in Great Lakes, Midwestern US.

What Services does the Company Offer

Liquid Web offers a great variety of products in order to stay competitive in the highly-dynamic hosting market. As a customer, you can choose the way how you manage and buy your hosting plan. You can get closer to the services that the company offers:

  • Dedicated Servers (starts from 119$ per month);
  • Cloud VPS Hosting (starts from 29$ per month);
  • Cloud Dedicated (starts from 119$ per month);
  • Cloud Sites (starts from 150$ per month);
  • Managed WordPress (starts from 29$ per month);
  • Managed WooCommerce Hosting (starts from 39$ per month);
  • Custom Hosting Solutions.

What Distinguishes Liquid Web

The company is one of the most loved brands based on NPS (net promoter score). Current NPS is 69 and it lies 2nd in this ranking after USAA. Liquid Web is best known also for the management of more than 1 million sites under its wings. We can add to the list a total of over 30 000 customers in over 130 countries all over the world. Impressive numbers to say the least! Liquid Web has established partnerships with famous companies worldwide. It is the hosting providing for projects of National Geographic, Motorola, FedEx, FILA, Porsche, The Home Depot and many more. Moreover, Liquid Web offers decent VPS, cloud and reseller packages as well as excellent uptime speed and customer support to admire with a 59-second initial response guaranteed.


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