Quick Facts

Jaguar PC was founded in 1998 by Greg Landis. The company rapidly grew from a small one to a leader on the web hosting market. For the last 20 years, the firm has been delivering excellent services and support for the huge customer base. Currently, Jaguar PC delivers solutions for small business. The mission of the company is to facilitate the small business to grow and thrive. Web development, WordPress, domains, backup maintenance and digital marketing are some of the services included in the company’s portfolio. Jaguar PC hosts 300 000 domains currently. Company’s corporate structure and hierarchy may have altered with time but the initial priorities and mission stay unchanged. There is no doubt that Jaguar PC is stated as one of the decent web hosting leaders globally as the company’s offices continue to spring in cities as Houston, Colorado, Atlanta and UK.

What Distinguishes Jaguar PC

There are several aspects that make Jaguar PC a respectful web hosting provider worldwide. Here they are:

  • Exceptional Support – the team of Jaguar PC is at your disposal 24/7, support is provided through special tickets, email, phone or live chat;
  • Backups on a Daily Basis – the hosting accounts of our clients are backed on a daily basis as you can restore any data you may need;
  • Fast Response Time – you do not have to wait for your demand to be satisfied, as a customer you can benefit from a fast and immediate response;
  • Money-back Guarantee – provision of 30-day money-back guarantee under “no conditions”;
  • Transfers of Sites for Free – transfers of accounts, sites, data or server is for free;
  • Faster Servers – presence of SSD sans, Supermicro hypervisors and Onapp Cloud;
  • 100% Network Uptime – multiple data centres around the world maintain great performance here;
  • Data Backup – Datalockbox application is available for additional help;
  • WHM/CPanel – the company has been delivering CPanel services for more than 10 years as it is simultaneously a WHM/CPanel partner.

What Services Does the Company Offer

As we have mentioned above, Jaguar PC strives to deliver IT solutions mainly for the small and medium businesses. It is worth adding as well that the key partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services) provides enterprise-level services and different solutions for the business. Here are the rest of the services included in the company’s portfolio:

  • Cloud Hosting – partnership with AWS helps to deliver custom solutions;
  • WordPress Hosting – building, maintenance, update and customize of WordPress themes, websites and more;
  • Business Hosting – delivering solutions for small business is top priority for the company;
  • Web Development – support of framework and languages – Ruby on Rails, Perl/cgi to Python, PHP5, PHP7;
  • Fully Managed Cloud VPS – available on Windows and Linux;
  • Self-Managed Cloud VPS – virtual private servers delivered on SSD.


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