About Hostwinds

The main mission of the company is to recreate the web hosting market by offering an alternative to the overly priced supported plans. The latter are widespread throughout the whole market. Hostwinds struggles to secure their customers impressive quality, speed and affordable pricing at once. Their team is constantly devoted to performing at the highest possible level and thus providing decent hosting services. Client support and customer service have always been from crucial importance in order to maintain their share from the hosting market. The founding date of the company is 2009. Current headquarters are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. Hostwinds’ portfolio includes Web Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting, Shoutcast Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Domains and SSL Certificates.

Pros and Cons

The company has some significant advantages among the main competitors in the web hosting market. Hostwinds is best-known for the great products it offers, stable performance and responsive customer support. We can summarize the main advantages as follows:

  • great variety of products;
  • excellent added value;
  • decent performance;
  • the presence of useful tools and materials in the support website;
  • 99.999% uptime grantee;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Of course, there are some disadvantages that should not be neglected. The company has to work in order to fix them. Otherwise, they would stay vulnerable and their customers can be attracted by better competition offer. Have a look at the Hostwinds’ weaknesses:

  •  pricing details are hard to find;
  •  WordPress hosting is almost impossible to be managed;
  •  beginners can avoid using Hostwinds due to the Support site;
  •  presence of 2-days period for less than a year subscriptions.

What are their Pricing Plans

  • Plan “Basic Shared” (unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disc space, 1 domain, price starting at 3.29$ per month);
  • Plan “Advanced” (unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disc space, 4 domains, price starting at 4.23$ per month);
  • Plan “Ultimate” (unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disc space, unlimited domains, price starting at 5.17$ per month).

Should I Trust Hostwinds

Definitely yes. Although Hostwinds may not have the lowest prices on the hosting market, the great variety of plans and the features included in them compensate for this disadvantage. The current market is overcrowded with hosting providers, so one should be quite aware when making the choice which company to trust. If you initially set your criteria and know what your necessities are, then you are halfway on finding the most suitable hosting provider for you. In our opinion, Hostwinds can meet the majority of requirements of the customers.


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