About Geek Crunch

Geek Crunch is a worldwide leader of IT infrastructure and Cloud computing delivered from a spreading number of data location centres. In short, the portfolio of services includes Web Hosting, Cloud Solutions, WordPress Hosting. The main priority of Geek Crunch is to deliver you a great stability as well as an abundance of the services it offers due to the growing demands of the web hosting market. The philosophy of the company implies different approaches on how to deploy, scale and manage your hosting infrastructure. All lead to the automation of those infrastructures and systems in order to provide better management and efficiency. PaaS innovation stays at the top of the Geek Crunch strategy as it delivers new platforms for enhancement of IT departments and the business as a whole all over the world.

What Services Does the Company Offer

As we have mentioned above, Geek Crunch offers a great variety of services:

  • Business Hosting – fast and reliable, up to 99.99% uptime guaranteed, access to web applications like CMS, forum, eCommerce, message boards;
  • WordPress Hosting – created to meet the demands of the WordPress designers and to secure the highest possible standards of quality;
  • Enterprise Hosting – drives shared hosting to a higher level, SSL certificate is for free, specially created for eCommerce and high traffic websites;
  • VPS Hosting – secures ultra-fast speed (SSD RAID 10), suitable for small business projects along with high-traffic websites;
  • Dedicated Servers – it provides ultimate performance and control of your web site, it is flexible for enhancement of performance;
  • Cloud Hosting – Geek Crunch supports a wide range of hosting panels and it is known worldwide for the quality of that service.

Why Should you Choose Geek Crunch

There are several points on which we would like to emphasize strongly:

  • Extensive Automation – Geek Crunch uses a special platform for managing routers, servers deploying and updating software. The process is automative;
  • Security – implementation of the latest novelties in the field in order to protect your websites against any potential threats;
  • You Choose your Contract Options – flexible payment options, it is up to you whether to pay on a monthly or annually base;
  • Deployment in Time – the company reduces the inventory and guarantees hosting service level agreement;
  • Several Locations – thus 99.99% uptime is guaranteed no matter what your country of residence is;
  • Excellent Customer Support – the team of Geek Crunch is always at your disposal to facilitate you;
  • Geek Crunch Does not Use Outsourcing Services – a team of skilled and experienced engineers meet your tasks, third party support is not included.


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