About Accu Web Hosting

The company has more than 14-years of invaluable experience in the web hosting sphere. Accu Web offers a great variety of beneficial hosting services – shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud Hosting as well as Dedicated Servers all of which are available both on Windows and Linux. In addition, you can benefit from manual or auto-management of your services. The services of Accu Web Hosting deliver you a first-class speed, security, optimization and reliability – traits that the majority of hosting providers miss, unfortunately. The company’s products are an example of the perfect merge between hardware and excellent speed and security implied in easy-to-scale websites and applications. In general, the services are most appropriate for professional (IT developers, designers and etc.). We want to focus as well on the option you have when choosing your location and configuration that best suits your needs. The latter is applied for the Dedicated Server service with prices starting at just 75$ per month.

What are  the Company’s Mission and Vision

The main mission of Accu Web Hosting is to deliver reliability, comfort and strong bindings with the customers even after they quit using the services of the company or after their tasks and needs are completely satisfied. In order to achieve the goals of the mission, Accu web permanently focuses on providing high-quality hosting services while at the same time treat their customers with responsiveness, politeness and honesty.

In future, more than 70% of all hosting payments in the USA will be performed online. The customers will be tend to purchase from hosting providers that offer the greatest range of products. The founders of Accu Web Hosting are convinced that they will be the one that any customer would be able to easily distinguish among the overflowed hosting market.

What Does Accu Web Focus On

The company firmly states that any hosting service should give you the freedom to concentrate on your business while at the same time someone else takes care for the maintenance of your website. The team of Accu Web Hosting has dedicated a huge amount of time in order to find the best solutions that best match the customers’ demands.

Moreover, any customer’s site should get minimal downtime along with constant support on behalf of our technical team. For the sake of accomplishing the latter, Accu Web draws attention to all inquiries by the buyers. As a consequence, the services have been on a constant process of improving and bettering.


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